Muse Art Collective

Collective: (n)  a cooperative enterprise 

Wine + Art. The perfect pairing. Both are ancient practices done by incredible craftsman for ages. However, the art world, like the wine world, can be a very privileged and closed space, especially for women.
The Muse Art Collective was designed to foster female talent and give a platform to creatives who need it. Connect with us and have access to your own personal curator and a network of art business professionals. Let Muse help you build your resume + artist statement, connect with other artists + galleries, and participate in artist talks + salons hosted by us. The business side of things shouldn't have to interfere with your art practice. With a Master's in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute of Art and a vast international network from 7 years of managing galleries and artists in Los Angeles, we want more visibility for women artists.  Become a Muse Artist and let us help you out.  
Are you a female identifying emerging artist based in LA or California? We would love to see your art. Please contact to arrange a studio visit.