Natural Wine for Events

Buying wine for your next dinner party or event? Let us help you out! 
From the symposiums of Ancient Greece to the salons of Europe, wine has always been an important social lubricant for any gathering. Let us supply you with sustainable, affordable, delicious natural wine perfectly curated for your event. We will include wine descriptions with tasting notes and a beginner's guide to natural wine and how to taste. Click here to ORDER NOW or fill out the form below to get the conversation started!
How much wine should I buy? 
Well.. it depends on the type of party you are having. For a DINNER party, we typically recommend a half case for every 7 - 9 people.  This can really change based on the guests attending.  Dinner parties larger than 10 people.. we always recommend a full case.  It won't go to waste! 
What type of wine should I get? 
Go with a mix! Champagne to start, orange with appetizers, white or red with dinner, and champagne again with dessert to come full circle.  We also curate custom cases based on menu + occasion.  If you'd like to chat it out, fill out the form below!  
When should I order? 
If you are in the LA area, order at least 2 days before your event.  Outside of Southern California, please order at least 7-10 days before your event.  
If you are ready to order now, check out our half case and full case options HERE. If you'd like to chat it out, fill out the form below.