About Us


Long ago, before time was time, there lived the Titan Memenosyne, the goddess of memory. The world was a dark place, and so legend has it that Zeus mated with Memenosyne to birth the nine Muses, brought to Earth to help people celebrate life through music, art, poetry, and pleasure. 

The nine Muses have inspired centuries of creativity. These feminine forces were reminders to embrace our humanity, to celebrate the arts, and connect with each other through a shared artistic experience.   


Inspired by the creativity of the Muses, Maison de la Muse aims to bring creative talents and appreciators together through the enjoyment of natural wine. An online natural wine company based in Los Angeles, Maison de la Muse offers a natural wine club, pop-up events, wine curation, and more. If you are interested in doing something with natural wine, we are here for you!

Our mission is to seek out winemakers who are passionate, accountable, and respectful to their land and community... and make a damn good bottle of wine. We truly believe good wine, when shared, brings people together in a unique way. It allows us a moment of connection, whether we are plotting a revolution, creating friends out of strangers, mourning deep losses, or celebrating the end of a Monday. We hope that Maison de la Muse will become a hub for all creatives, etched together by our shared love of natural wine. Cheers Muses!


  • Muse Natural Wine Club & Bottle Shop
  • Pop-Up Restaurant + Event Production
  • Natural Wine Consultation for Restaurants 
  • Natural Wine Pairings for Private Chefs 
  • Curated Natural Wine for Events
  • Private + Public Tastings 
  • Natural Wine Education
  • Guided LA Wine + Art Tours


Willa Bachman - An event and logistics wizard, Willa worked for 7 years in the tech event space putting on large scale events before transitioning into wine. With a degree in Biological Anthropology and French, Willa loves both the history and science behind natural wine. A day in the vineyard comparing soil samples and Biodynamic preparations is a day well spent! 

Dana Lowry - With a Master's Degree in Art Business and a 7 year history of art gallery and restaurant work, Dana is expertly posed to combine her skills of communication and hosting with her love of natural wine. An avid writer and poet, Dana is drawn to the artistry of natural winemakers. She also can remember almost every wine she has ever drank. A true oenophile.