About Us


Long ago, before time was time, there lived the Titan Memenosyne, the goddess of memory. The world was a dark place, and so legend has it that Zeus mated with Memenosyne to birth the nine Muses, brought to Earth to help people celebrate life through music, art, poetry, and pleasure. 

The nine Muses have inspired centuries of creativity. These feminine forces were reminders to embrace our humanity, to celebrate the arts, and connect with each other through a shared artistic experience.   


Inspired by the creativity of the Muses, Maison de la Muse aims to bring creative talents and appreciators together through the enjoyment of natural wine. An online natural wine company based in Los Angeles, Maison de la Muse offers a monthly natural wine club, pop-up events, wine curation, and more. If you are interested in doing something with natural wine, we are here for you!

Our mission is to seek out winemakers who are passionate, accountable, and respectful to their land and community... and make a damn good bottle of wine. We truly believe good wine, when shared, brings people together in a unique way. It allows us a moment of connection, whether we are plotting a revolution, creating friends out of strangers, mourning deep losses, or celebrating the end of a Monday. We hope that Maison de la Muse will become a hub for all creatives, etched together by our shared love of natural wine. Cheers Muses!


  • Muse Natural Wine Club & Marketplace
  • Pop-Up Restaurant + Event Production
  • Natural Wine Pairings for Private Chefs 
  • Curated Natural Wine for Events
  • Virtual Tastings 
  • Natural Wine Education
  • Guided LA Wine + Art Tours


Hi! We are Willa Bachman + Dana Lowry. When we moved to LA at 22 years old, we thought 2 Buck Chuck Pinot Noir was the pinnacle of great wine and an even better bargain. Now we are older and wiser, and not to knock a bottle of 2 buck, but we have drunk A LOT of wine since and have evolved our opinion.

After a couple years trying out a couple "careers" learning plenty about other people's businesses, we decided it was time to start one of our own. After many nights of brainstorming, helped along by increasingly better bottles of wine, we realized the answer was literally within our grasp. We took classes and read books. Reached out to mentors and started to switch career paths. We even planted our own micro-vineyard to learn every detail we could about this incredible ancient drink. And so...Maison de la Muse was born!