What is Natural Wine?


It’s just fermented grapes, plain and simple. As a whole, natural wine aims to make wine with as little chemical or technological intervention as possible by allowing nature to work its magic. Natural wine is becoming increasingly popular and it's no surprise why. Just like the organic food realizations of the early 2000's, we are starting to see that the conventional wine we have been drinking is actually full of preservatives and other unnecessary additives, and may not be the best for our bodies or the planet.

Though there is no standardized certification for natural wine, it is widely accepted that natural wine is naturally grown, using organic or biodynamic practices, typically unfiltered, with little to no added sulfites or additives in the cellar, and only native yeasts used for the fermentation process. This is verified by our importers, who visit each and every winemaker to discuss and view their practices, these are true artists of their craft. 

Natural wine is in rhythm with the slow food movement, and our winemakers are true stewards of their land, concerned with making wine that is good for the earth and for you, not mass produced wine based on profit margins.

By letting the environment work its magic, a bottle of natural wine is often described as alive - fresh, unique, earthy. Conventional wine is often made to taste uniform. New drinkers to natural wine will find it to be a bit of a different beverage, and it may take some getting used to because the drink is truly so alive. 

Though we see natural wine as a new trend, the reality is that natural wine is the original way of making wine, and it was only in our recent history that we start to see so many chemicals added to wine. It is a contemporary yet incredibly ancient way of making wine.

- ALSO - 
🍇 Fewer Hangovers
🍇 Sustainable  
🍇 Made with Grapes! No Conventional Additives (Shellfish Anyone :/) 
🍇 Low to 0 Sulfites 

 "I have suffered from migraines for years and been unable to even look at red wine. The discovery of natural wine has made it possible for me to enjoy and indulge in tasty Merlot, Lambrusco, and my beloved Sangiovese once more. I love the fact that I get to sip on crisp, rich wines unencumbered by nasty little additives - natural wine is just that - natural and pure in form." - Milena