May Restaurant Pick


With one of the best outdoor patios in the city, Momed is our first pick. When one of our brothers was finally able to visit, this is the spot we took him to. It is in Atwater Village, a little neighborhood gem of its own, located in Northeast LA just across the river from Dodger Stadium. The patio reminds us of Portugal, big and open, covered with plants, and big lanterns and vases full of dried flowers. The train tracks running behind the restaurant will remind you that you are in LA, but adds a certain city ambiance. It is the perfect blend of fancy and laidback, in true LA balance. Effortfully versatile, this is the spot for a date night or a birthday dinner. They are open for dinner every day and brunch on the weekends. Current LA restrictions limit parties up to 6 and reservations are required. 

WHAT TO EAT: The style is small plates, so go with a couple of people and try everything! We recommend starting with the brussel sprouts mixed with labneh and pomegranate molasses, finished with lemon and hazelnuts. Pair that with the Cleopatra salad, a beautiful butter lettuce number with feta, sumac and dates. Add some Moorish Prawns cooked in butter and saffron, and the lemony Pan Roasted Half Chicken served with potatoes, and you’ve got yourself an amazing meal! 

WHAT TO DRINK: This is one of our rare favorite restaurants in LA that is not a fully natural wine list. They have a selection of natural and conventional. The real specialties here are the Greek, Armenian, and Lebanese wines. You wouldn't find a lot of these anywhere else in the city, so go for one of these. The glass of Brut Armenia sparkling wine is particularly nice. Momed is also known for a great cocktail. Our favorite is the Casitas Squad made with mezcal, strega, lime, pomegranate, and urfa chili. It is smoky, fresh, tart, and so so good. 

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