Welcome to Musings!

Welcome to MUSINGS! Our monthly newsletter where we share a few of our favorite things each month, as well as the stories and people who inspire us.  From poetry to restaurant recommendations, travel stories to art picks, we envision MUSINGS as a way to share what we are excited about, what brings us joy, and of course, to talk more about natural wine!

We want MUSINGS to be a source for inspiration. The Muses of Ancient Greece had a similar purpose, to help alleviate the human experience through creation and the arts. The last 12 months have been brutal, and we are all a bit changed. We are working on getting our energy back, seeking inspiration, and finding our place and purpose in a changed world. We are realizing the need for more transparency and for a greater commitment to our planet and to each other. Our intention is not to crowd your email with more junk, but to share meaningful stories and interests from our lives in the hope that they will fuel yours. 

When we first created Maison de la Muse, we envisioned so much more than an online wine club. Though we love being able to share our love of natural wine through the internet, this year has taught us that nothing beats spending time face to face with our community. We cannot wait to connect with you all soon. We have a few events coming up in May, stay tuned! Thank you so much for your support and please enjoy MUSINGS!  

Willa + Dana 

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